Owner Kenneth  Hohwiesner’s background with boats stems back to Long Island where his grandfather first started to take him to the boat yard as a young boy.  All through his boyhood and teen age years Hohwiesner was constantly taking things apart and putting them back together correctly.   He discovered his  favorite things to work on were boats.  

Hohwiesner moved to Central Florida in 1993 and was general manager of Velocity Power Boats for 12 years.  He started LTB Performance which was  established in 2003 and many of his clients refer to him as: The best in the business.  Why because he's honest, gives a very fair price and follows up on all his sales and repairs.  When Hohwiesner sells a boat to a client he takes pride to make sure everything is in perfect working order before it is delivered to his customers.  When he repairs a boat you can be assured the job was done right the first time.  This is displayed hundreds of times with reviews on Offshore Only.  

     People ask all the time what does LTB stand for and the answer is “Let’s Talk Boats.” and that is Hohwiesner’s favorite thing to do.